How Instant Translator bot is used by more than 50k users daily on Facebook & Viber and has more than 600k active users monthly?

A very simple bot that started only to show corporates what does bots mean was created by GeeSolutions in Dubai has evolved to become the biggest translation bot on Facebook. How did it start? How did it grow this quick? What are they key features? How many users does it have? Where is it listed online? Viber launch? Achievements? Mentions & Reviews? Latest news about Instant Translator? You can find all about it below.

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How did Instant Translator start?

Instant Translator bot started a very simple bot that translates between Arabic to English and from English to Arabic. The bot was created and published on Facebook to show businesses during our demos an online sample that does a “cool” job. However, during these tens of demos we were demonstrating, we decided to market our bot a little ad promotion starting with a $20 boosted post post in some Arabic countries. And what a surprise! The bot started going viral in Arabic Facebook groups and started gaining popularity for it’s extreme simplicity. Instant Translator was being mentioned everywhere and not just that, but users started having fun with the bot and claiming it’s the only Facebook friend that talks to them all the time. 😉

How did Instant Translator grow?

We believe our big grow was due to the following:

Extreme easiness: The bot didn’t have and flows. All it does is translating and it doesn’t fail at that job at all as the code written handles a lot of failures to make sure it always replies to the user.

Listening to your users: We always hear our users. We add more languages when they ask, we improve the speed if they say the translation is slow and most important, the bot has extreme alerts to detect any major failure going on, which gives the bot a 99% up-time.

Answer all users: We answer every user question, we help every user and we check Facebook reviews. The users feel important and very thankful when you answer their questions within the page.

Videos: Show your users how to use their bot. Make their lives easier. Not a lot of users understand everything. Even when you tell them send a message to the page you have to explain to them how to do it.

What are they key features ?

—19 Languages supported and adding more. The current languages are ِArabic, English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Urdu, Finnish, Filipino, Chinese, Romanian, Indonesian, Italian, and Turkish.

3 Interface Languages: Instant Translator opens up in 3 languages based on the user culture/country, which are English, Russian and Arabic.

Smart Language Change: Instant Translator is used by people to communicate with others. You don’t want the users to keep changing the language every time they want to send a message to the person they are talking to. Instant Translator uses it’s algorithms to change the language without the user needing to change the language. Check the screenshot below and see how Instant Translator changed from English to Spanish without any need to change language .

Smart Language Change

How many users it has ?

Instant Translator has almost 1 million signed on users on Facebook and 600k monthly active users.

Not just that, Instant Translator has translated more than 30 million sentences and translates daily around 300k sentences.

On Which platforms Instant Translator bot exists?

Currently it’s available on Facebook & Viber:



Viber Launch?

On 5th of April, Instant Translator was launched on Viber and appeared immediately on the discover screen. Our users are loving it! It’s getting 2k users per day. What nice numbers!


Instant Translator proudly got approved to Fb Start Program.

Mentions & Review ?

We’re happy that we are mentioned on the best bot directories and search engines, Review us on:

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Latest news about Instant Translator?

Currently, we are working to add Instant Translator to more platforms, more translation language, more interface languages, and many more special features!